Valentine’s Mini-Comic Zine Workshop Pics

If you are an Instagram user (and really who isn’t these days amirite?) check out these great pics from last night’s Valentine’s Mini-Comic zine workshop courtesy of zinester/alt-girl bonniekayevargacooper.

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Or click here and look for February 2013.

If you like what you see (and live in the SLC area) we urge you to come on out to one of our workshops.  They are super fun.  Or maybe look out for or start Zine Workshops in your community.


Alt Press Fest 2012 Returns

For most of us Alt Press Fest 2012 is now buried in the past, however every once in a while something comes back to remind us.  In fact it reminds me of this song.

Anyway, Heather House wrote up this delightful blog entry about her experience back in July.  Check it out here.

Thanks so much.  We are very happy that you had such a great time.

And feel free to relive Alt Press Fest 2012 by visiting our Alt Press Fest tag.

Alt Press Fest 2012 Pic Round UP!

It’s been a week since Alt Press Fest and we are still in somewhat recovery mode.  However here’s some links to some awesome pics that we’ve found posted around the web.  If you find any others, then let us know!

There’s a cool instagram pic further down this tumblr blog from Mandate Press here.

Some cool one’s here from photographer Casey L. Kim.

Some awesome one’s here from photographer Nicole Marshall.

Steve Jerman’s Cool DIY pic here.

Some pics from the When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution gang from their Facebook page can be found here.

Again a big thank you to everyone who made this such a great event.

Velo City Weekend


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Many Zine makers & readers are bicyclists believing in freedom of speech. This day, Friday, June 29 @ 5:30 pm through Saturday: Velo City Weekend takes place. If you read this & are good to ride- join the real-wheeling-fun!

More info at or Velo City Weekend on Facebook thanks!

Look for The City Library green cruisers at Critical Mass…