Darth Vader and Son


I love Jeffrey Brown.  Typically he’s known for writing angsty, relationship books about the women that he’s lost.  But lately he’s been changing it up a bit.  His book Darth Vader and Son started out as a web comic, written and drawn by Brown over the course of a year.  This comic is typically single panel and hilarious.  It works off the premise of Darth Vader as a single dad to a young Luke Skywalker. Their interactions serve as a reminder that we don’t always have to be so serious about our iconic characters.  The hardcover is a quick read but a wholesome delight that you can share with all ages.  Highly recommend.

Darth Vader and Son is available at the Salt Lake City Public Library here.

You can also find more of Jeffrey Brown’s delightful work here.



Get Up, Get Out & Go Vote!

Tomorrow will be the most important day in your life!  It’s the day you help decide who will be defeated in this year’s most epic battle!  It reminds me of The Incredible Hulk #340 when Wolverine gutted the Hulk in one of the greatest comic superhero fights of all time.  Like the Hulk, will the United States healing factor kick in just in time to continue the fight?  “HULK SMASH!”  Or like Hulk in part 8 of Old Man Logan, will the United States fall to the ground holding it’s guts in it’s hands after swallowing Wolverine only to have him rip the Hulk open from the inside with his adamantium claws?!?!  Only you can decide!
*Disclaimer: Wolverine did not ruin our economy or cause the economic / social inequality between the 1 and 99%.  But the Bush administration did help gut the United States like Wolverine gutted the Hulk…so you get the idea.
For voting locations and other important voting info click here.