Anomaly: A Graphic Novel / Multimedia Sci-Fi Epic!


“What a brick…” I laughed to myself as I flipped through Anomaly, one of the largest graphic novels I have ever seen (370 pages to be exact).  At first glance, I notice Anomaly is very reminiscent of Star Wars and Star Trek, which I dig.  So screw it, I thought.  This baby’s coming home with me.  Good decision!

Earth 2717.  The planet is dying and most of its population lives in space.  There are no longer individual nations or corporations, just the all powerful Conglomerate who cares more about profit then life and will use any force necessary to get it.  Jon, an Enforcer, joins Samantha, the daughter of a powerful Conglomerate executive, and her team on a suicidal peace mission to another world far far away.  Everyone who has every traveled there, was never heard from again…

Anomaly is an anomaly among graphic novels.  It’s one of the first graphic novels to create an interactive experience by combining print with a digital device, like your smart phone or tablet.  Download the free interactive app, aim it at a specific image or link in the book and watch video and 3D images jump right off the page.  It’s something you really have to experience.  You don’t need the app to enjoy Anomaly, but its really really cool and adds even more depth to this sci-fi epic.

Available for check-out.