No one knows for sure.  The book “Whatcha Mean What’s a Zine” by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson is one of the best places to begin understanding what the practice, the scene, and this website are all about.  Many other resources tackle the issue as well.  The problem with answering the question of what makes a zine is that zines are often defined by what they are not: they are not books, they are not magazines, they are not even “little magazines” as they are sometimes called because the word “magazine” implies a certain style of formatting that may not be true of any particular zine.  Zines are productions of creative minds; they may be written, drawn, painted, printed, or pasted; they are outlets of expression, beginnings of ambition, or fulfillment of class requirement.  True, there are stylistic and otherwise aesthetic trends among many zines, but the essence of a zine, much like that of a poem, is that a zine is anything that calls itself a zine.

Why this matters

Forms of alternative press democratize the world of publishing. They open the playing field to ideas and imagery that otherwise may never have the opportunity to circulate using traditional means.

Alternative press gives us the opportunity to explore different forms of communicating information, narrative and expression of the human condition.

Where you can find us

The primary collection is on Level 2 of the Main Library (210 East 400 South) near the recent periodicals. Each library branch has a limited collection.
Zines can be sent directly to:
Rachel Getts
SLCPL Main Library
210 E 400 South

or dropped off at the Level 2 main desk for Rachel Getts.

Our graphic novel collection can be found on the City Library’s online catalog: www.slcpl.org


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