Zine Catalog


New Zine Catalog now available here.

The overriding intention of collecting alternative press materials is to present them as easy to find as possible for those who wish to explore the minds of others, connect with people of common interest, search for inspiration, sympathize or get involved with a cause, or learn to self-publish for oneself.

The Salt Lake City Public Library’s Alternative Press Collection is the continuation of what began in the mid ‘90s as the Zine Collection.  Beginning with one zine, SLCPL’s Main library now houses the largest zine collection of any in a public library, and one of the largest anywhere in the world with over 2,500 unique titles and more than 6,000 items.  Materials selected for the AP Collection come from a wide variety of sources including networks of zine makers, independent publishing companies, alt press review journals, partnerships with high school, college and university courses, library affiliated programs, and wherever else there is literary and artistic creation being disseminated.

The primary collection is house on Level 2 of the Main Library (210 East 400 South) near the recent periodicals.  Each of the branches also house very limited collections.  AP materials are organized on the shelf according to the first letter of their title.

Our catalog can be browsed online! Just click on the link below. Unfortunately, it is not especially searchable, but we are in the process of cataloging over 2500 unique materials. A small group of us at the SLCPL are hard at work bringing this catalog online and will be updating it frequently.

SLCPL Zine Catalog


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