Jonathan Lethem “The Only Human Superhero”

In the August 2, 2012 issue of Rolling Stone, if you can get past the Justin Bieber cover (I know! He’s dreamy), there’s an essay about Batman titled Mysteries of Batman by writer Jonathan Lethem which is pretty great.

Jonathan Lethem has written about superheroes before as well as other great fiction which can be checked out here.

Do yourself a favor and give it a read.


5 Batman Books to Read Before (or After) Seeing Dark Knight Rises

Here’s 5 Books that will get you in the mood for Dark Knight Rises.

Most of these are available at the SLCPL, along with many other books starring Bruce Wayne aka Batman here.

And one more to spare.  Check out my pal Strange’s recommendation here.   While it’s not Bruce Wayne, it is definitely a great Batman story.

Batman: The Black Mirror

The Black Mirror is good…really good.  Scott Snyder author of American Vampire, writes Batman on par with Grant Morrison and Frank Miller.  Dare I say, he might even give them a run for their money?  And thats just the writing.  The art by Jock and Francesco Francavilla is first class!

The Black Mirror takes place after the disappearance of Bruce Wayne (Batman R.I.P.), in which Richard “Dick” Grayson aka Robin aka Nightwing, takes up the cape and cowl to protect Gotham City.  Its dark, brutal, and the villains are psychotic!  Expect a different kind of Batman.  One that smiles instead of sneers.  One that flies above the streets of Gotham instead of hiding in its shadows.  But one thats still kicks a$$!

Available for check-out!