5 Batman Books to Read Before (or After) Seeing Dark Knight Rises

Here’s 5 Books that will get you in the mood for Dark Knight Rises.

Most of these are available at the SLCPL, along with many other books starring Bruce Wayne aka Batman here.

And one more to spare.  Check out my pal Strange’s recommendation here.   While it’s not Bruce Wayne, it is definitely a great Batman story.


3 thoughts on “5 Batman Books to Read Before (or After) Seeing Dark Knight Rises

    • Yep there’s some good ones in there. Of course I haven’t read all of them. Long Halloween of course is classic. Anyone who saw The Dark Knight recognized what they were pulling from. It’s hard when things are helter-skelter collected.

      • In Daredevil: Born Again, when Kingpin discovers Daredevil’s secret identity, he does everything he can to destroy Matt Murdock both as a superhero and as a man.
        I firmly believe that “The Dark Knight Rises” plot is heavily inspired from Daredevil: Born Again too, because Bane does exactly the things I described, point by point. But that movie is great, so who cares?
        Also, the Batman titles usually aren’t focused on Bruce’s company activity at all, so I appreciated that Nolan went through a different path from the comic book, instead of copying it.
        Also, he made the characters deeper and better than they are in the comic book. Bane had never been so smart, for example.
        Thank you for your replies! : )

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