Erratum or corrigendum ~ Why the Alt Press Fest Collaborative Zine & Patrick Weeks weren’t present (’till 8:23pm…)

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Hello Friends,

Saturday July 7, 2012 was the day to be done w/making everyone included & all wanting one a copy of the first Alt Press Fest Zine anthology of collaborative content.

It got done, but not before 8 o’clock that eventing!

Here are a few sampling photos, but rest assured that there will be a tangible one for, in time. Each “cover” is a re-used file folder from The City Library. The title is spray paint stenciled and bull clipped onto the  contents of saddle-stich-stapled paper. These photos, beginning w/the cat are credited to: Evan Jed Mammot (left) Nick & Erin Potter (right), Jess Smart Smiley (left) Travis Gray (right) Yours Truly (left) Salt Lake City Film Festival (right.)

Without boring you about the trials & tribulations faced throughout the process; please accept a sincere statement of gratitude to all involved because you’re willing to try, i.e. FAIL. Really wish I was simply sitting at table with the personal work I prepared & got to see you. Shucks… If you’d like to view some of it—>  patrick

So, here we go again with completing a project that has been a labor of love + lessons for transcendence in the independent publishing arenas!

Thank you~Patrick Weeks 

Carry on!

Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Patrick Weeks

Patrick Weeks is an artist in Salt Lake City who draws lines at once familiar and perplexing. Somewhere between forest branches & capillaries. An impossible geometry of space rendered two-dimensional causing the eye to conjure a face unknown but showing a real feeling.

Available at SLAPF: Illustrations, Postcards, Chapbooks, Hand Stencil/Stitch T-shirts, Zines & more!

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