Cool Vid for Sumi Ink Club

This is an awesome vid from our main man Patrick Weeks.  It also encourages folks to come out to the Sumi Ink Club Flashmob event on Saturday Jan. 5, 2013.  Deets can be found here and on Facebook here.


Erratum or corrigendum ~ Why the Alt Press Fest Collaborative Zine & Patrick Weeks weren’t present (’till 8:23pm…)

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Hello Friends,

Saturday July 7, 2012 was the day to be done w/making everyone included & all wanting one a copy of the first Alt Press Fest Zine anthology of collaborative content.

It got done, but not before 8 o’clock that eventing!

Here are a few sampling photos, but rest assured that there will be a tangible one for, in time. Each “cover” is a re-used file folder from The City Library. The title is spray paint stenciled and bull clipped onto the  contents of saddle-stich-stapled paper. These photos, beginning w/the cat are credited to: Evan Jed Mammot (left) Nick & Erin Potter (right), Jess Smart Smiley (left) Travis Gray (right) Yours Truly (left) Salt Lake City Film Festival (right.)

Without boring you about the trials & tribulations faced throughout the process; please accept a sincere statement of gratitude to all involved because you’re willing to try, i.e. FAIL. Really wish I was simply sitting at table with the personal work I prepared & got to see you. Shucks… If you’d like to view some of it—>  patrick

So, here we go again with completing a project that has been a labor of love + lessons for transcendence in the independent publishing arenas!

Thank you~Patrick Weeks 

Carry on!

Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Patrick Weeks

Patrick Weeks is an artist in Salt Lake City who draws lines at once familiar and perplexing. Somewhere between forest branches & capillaries. An impossible geometry of space rendered two-dimensional causing the eye to conjure a face unknown but showing a real feeling.

Available at SLAPF: Illustrations, Postcards, Chapbooks, Hand Stencil/Stitch T-shirts, Zines & more!

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