Alt Press Fest 2012 Pic Round UP!

It’s been a week since Alt Press Fest and we are still in somewhat recovery mode.  However here’s some links to some awesome pics that we’ve found posted around the web.  If you find any others, then let us know!

There’s a cool instagram pic further down this tumblr blog from Mandate Press here.

Some cool one’s here from photographer Casey L. Kim.

Some awesome one’s here from photographer Nicole Marshall.

Steve Jerman’s Cool DIY pic here.

Some pics from the When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution gang from their Facebook page can be found here.

Again a big thank you to everyone who made this such a great event.


Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Spirit Master

We are very excited to announce Spiritwave / Spiritcore artists, Spirit Master will be playing this years APF!  Spirit Master (Mack, Pastor McCaff, Timmy Jame, Cool Brent) just opened up for the Flaming Lips and have recently released the album Demo Album Ep which has received great reviews.  Check out their video / links below and we will see you all at APF 2012!

Facebook / Website


Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Night Sweats

The amount of musical talent we have this year playing the APF 2012 is staggering.  If you haven’t heard Night Sweats check them out.  They’re pretty awesome.  Night Sweats, consist of Dick Diamond, Mike Drone, David Payne, Stephen Chai, and Chris Controller.  You can catch them playing at many of SLC’s fine dirty little bars, like Urban Lounge and Bar Deluxe.  Give them a listen and view their band page for more info.


Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: MiNX

Out of all the bands we have booked for Alt Press Fest 2012, I find MiNX aka Ischa Bee and Raffi Shahinian, most intriguing.  Originally members of the local band Uncle Scam, they now prefer playing as a musical duo.  After listening to some of their tunes, I can hear why.  They’re awesome together, have a unique sound and aren’t afraid to experiment with numerous genres (electro hop, electro pop, dance rock, folk etc).  If you guys don’t mind, I’ll do the honor and dub thee Shimmy Drop Pop…jk;)

Come watch them perform at APF 2012 and check out their website for music and more.


Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Salt Lake City Piano Bike

When I think of great local buskers, one the first to come to mind is SLC Piano Bike.  Piano Bike consists of two very talented local musicians, composer / self taught pianist Eric Rich and classical pianist Corbin Baldwin.  Besides playing at this years APF, you can find them performing every week at the Farmers Market and at other festivals around town.

For or more info on Piano Bike and on where you can watch them perform, check out their official Facebook page and blog.