Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Nadya Bratt

Our uber-cool logo for Alt Press Fest 2012 (see above) was designed and created in house by SLCPL graphic designer Nadya Bratt. A native of Barcelona, her work on our logo combined with CPP‘s poster art has been integral to our success this year.

She has described herself thusly:

“Designer, Photographer and undercover Dicktator, binary fishie loves to sketch pretty letters spelling out mean things”

Check out her website here.


Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight : Evan Jed Memmott

This guy cracks us up.  From his own self-written bio:

“Evan Jed Memmott is a beehive state native who loves avocados, Brigham
Young’s beard, and laughing at his own jokes. From his first birthday,
which he spent finger painting with chocolate pudding, to his recent
graduation from the Printmaking program at the University of Utah, art
has played a big role in his life. He’s currently focusing on screen
printing and ink illustration. His art can be found here.”

Come and see his cool work at APF2012!

Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Patrick Weeks

Patrick Weeks is an artist in Salt Lake City who draws lines at once familiar and perplexing. Somewhere between forest branches & capillaries. An impossible geometry of space rendered two-dimensional causing the eye to conjure a face unknown but showing a real feeling.

Available at SLAPF: Illustrations, Postcards, Chapbooks, Hand Stencil/Stitch T-shirts, Zines & more!

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Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Travis Gray

Ladies and Gentleman, Travis Gray!  Art Director by day, tiny book maker by night!  Each book’s illustration’s are drawn at near-actual size and then the books are hand-bound and accompanied with a colored Japanese pencil.  Some of these books include Just Some Cats, Animal Ghosts (my fav), and The Teeny Compendium of Tiny Creatures.  Check them out at APF 2012!

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Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Rory Donahoe

Artist, Zinester and all around Bad Ass, Rory Donahoe.  Rory is probably one of the funniest most brilliant artists I know;)  He is currently working on his first Pulitzer Prize winning novel.  Check out Rory’s YouTube and his short lived web-comic “Monster Comics” featuring the two most underrated monsters in monster history, Mummy and the Creature from the Black Lagoon!  Alt Press Fest 2012 just keeps getting better and better!