Local Zine Spotlight March: Best Albums of 2006

Best Albums of 2006This month we highlight this blast from the past zine from the now defunct Slowtrain Music. You kids may not remember but there used to be these places called “music stores” where you would buy actual physical CDs and records that played music thru stereos.  No download required.  Slowtrain owners Anna and Chris  Brozek edited this collection of great albums from 2006 which includes older treasures from bands with new albums out now such as Band of Horses and Grizzly Bear.  Check it out to find some good music that you may not have heard of or a reminder of how awesome Decemberist’s The Crane Wife is.

(This pick was not at all influenced by the fact that Anna picked my favorite album Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins as her #1.  Not at all.)

This zine is available for check out in the Zine Collection at the Salt Lake City Public Library.


Lucky Dragons

Lucky Dragons are a super cool music group who often work on collaborative art projects.  In 2010 they appeared at a Sumi Ink Club event in London.  Here’s a video of what happened:

We could totally make this happen in SLC.  How cool would that be?

More on the Lucky Dragons can be found here.

Come and join us for our Sumi Ink Club Event on June 16 over at Day-Riverside, 1-3 pm.

Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Ferocious Oaks

The Provo street folk band, Ferocious Oaks have been added to the line up for Alt Press Fest 2012!  Ferocious Oaks is made up of genius musician’s Justin Duckwitz, Christel Duckwitz, Chris Nuttall, Kjirsten Christensen, and Clayton Godby.  Come see why they’re fast becoming one of our local indie rock favs!

Watch the vid below and for more live performance footage check out Ferocious Oak’s youtube.