Read This: Strangers in Paradise

Continuing with our LGBT coverage this week, I wanted to recommend a personal fave.

Strangers in Paradise centers around a love triangle between David, Katchoo, and Francine it spans over 90 issues.  This series, written and drawn by Terry Moore, includes action, romance, and drama.  However what captured me is the complex, realistic characters.  Katchoo is one of my favorite characters in modern comics from the first moment she literally guns down an alarm clock.  I have no idea why this hasn’t been adapted into a television series, because it would be perfect.

Unfortunately the SLCPL is a little spotty in it’s holdings of this series but you can start off the series here.


The Book Of Boy Trouble: Gay Boy Comics With A New Attitude

Here is another recommendation as Alt Press counts down to this years Pride celebration!  When I think of GLBT comics, the first zine and graphic novel to come to mind is The Book Of Boy Trouble.  Vol.  1 compiles the best comics from the zine’s first 10 years.  You’ll read this from cover to cover with out putting it down and then you’ll read it again…it’s that good.  Warning:  Contains mature themes.

Go ahead and check it out!


Zine Pride: I Hate This Part of Texas

Gearing up for SLC Pride next week?

A personal favorite, this zine showcases a unique voice who refuses to fit any box that you try to fit him into.  Zine author John Gehrken is a gay, bike riding, punk, Buddhist who is just trying to find a place where he won’t get hassled.

An enjoyable read it is just a taste of the LGBT related zines that we have available in the SLCPL Zine Collection.

As a part of the Salt Lake City Public Library organization we are so excited to be full-fledged participants in the Pride Parade on Sunday.  Look for us there!

Alt Press Countdown To Pride!

Utah Pride is coming up next weekend, starting Friday June 1!  The Utah Pride parade and celebration is one of the largest in Utah and this will be the first year Salt Lake City Public Library will be walking in it!  So for the next week we’ll be posting a short series of GLBT related AWESOMENESS, including info on a number of GLBT comics and zines that we have in our own collection.

First up, Marvel Comics has announced the marriage of Northstar!  The marriage takes place in Astonishing X-Men #51 which will be released June 22!  This comes shortly after President Obama announced his support for gay marriage!  Northstar was the first GLBT character to come out of the closet and its good to hear the news especially after the abuse his character has received from writers over the years (they’ve gone as far as having him murdered by Wolverine in Age of Apocalypse!  I’ll never forgive him!).

You can catch Northstar in Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, New X-men and Ultimate X-men!  Most of these can be found in our graphic novel collection!