Natural Leaf Prints

So I know its been a while but don’t you think your latest alternative press creation needs some of this sweet leaf printing action?

I went searching for a tutorial like this after I got the inkling that something of this nature was possible when I noticed autumn leaves depositing their images on concrete side walks after the rain. While the tutorial above doesn’t specifically use autumn leaves it does have some great tips and techniques as well as mid process shots!

I hope it inspires some seasonal printing on your part, and if you do give it a shot let us know how it went in the comments!

Bonnie Kaye



Have you heard of INK? These guys are cool.

Here’s a description from their website

INK SLCC is an AIGA student group that strives to help members get off on the right foot in their design and art careers. We encourage creative and professional growth by providing access to information, resources, advice, critiques, portfolio reviews, activities and an environment to create genuine connections with other visual art students and creative professionals. As the official AIGA student group at SLCC, we are also your direct link to the information and events available to AIGA members.

You can see their work at galleries and art events such as Gallery Stroll, Salt Lake Design Week, and other AIGA events.

Check out their site here.

Fish Print

I happen to have a couple of nephews who are NUTS about fishing. Strange I know, and while you are wondering what this has to do with Alt Press and the SLCPL take a look at this:

If that isn’t one of the coolest prints I’ve even seen then I don’t know what is. This particular fish happens to be a bluegill my nephew caught the other day and brought home for dinner. Now it will forever hang on his wall.

So next time you go fishing, or for that matter the fish market at Smith’s, wait to fillet until after you’ve made one of these sweet prints of yourself.
-Bonnie Kaye

Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Book Arts Program

The Book Arts Program has been a part of the  J. Willard Marriott Library since 1995.  Students are trained in a fully equipped studio to use traditional printing techniques combined with the modern techniques of today.  Some of these techniques include photo engraving, printing and book binding.  Also, last year SLC Mayor Ralph Becker awarded the Book Arts Program with the “Service to the Arts by an Organization” award, for all of the amazing work they’re doing!

View the Book Arts Program website for more details and come see what they have in store for us during APF 2012!


Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: The Mandate Press

“Everything looks better letterpressed.”

Salt Lake City’s modern day letterpress shop, The Mandate Press will be joining us this year for APF 2012!  Come and see how they combine traditional letterpress technique’s with modern technique’s of today!

For more info check out their website or facebook.

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Creative Crafts for the Hungry Zinester

Ran across this the other day:

You may have seen similar things floating around the interwebs, I know I have. I like it because it combines two of my favorite things: Printmaking and Takeout food. Thus I propose we all go to Charlie Chows, get some Imperial Chicken and head on back to the Library for some sweet styrofoam zine making action. Who’s with me?

-Bonnie Kaye