5 Animated Comic Flicks to tide you over.

So there will be no comic book movies until the new Judge Dredd flick is unleashed on Sept. 21.  I know! THAT MEANS NEARLY 2 MONTHS!

But do not despair…

I find some good super hero animated flicks can tied me over in these difficult times.  Here’s 5 great super hero animated flicks that you can get from the SLCPL.

And just one more thing, there’s been some fantastic animated tv series over the years.  You can find more of that available at the SLCPL here.


Fish Print

I happen to have a couple of nephews who are NUTS about fishing. Strange I know, and while you are wondering what this has to do with Alt Press and the SLCPL take a look at this:

If that isn’t one of the coolest prints I’ve even seen then I don’t know what is. This particular fish happens to be a bluegill my nephew caught the other day and brought home for dinner. Now it will forever hang on his wall.

So next time you go fishing, or for that matter the fish market at Smith’s, wait to fillet until after you’ve made one of these sweet prints of yourself.
-Bonnie Kaye

The Cat and the Bat

I am a big Catwoman fan.  She has a disdain for the wealthy which I share.  Her on-again, off-again Batman fetish always leads to some interesting banter between the two of them.  Those crazy kids will just never get it together.

But on the other hand she’s also one of Batman’s rogue gallery whom you can get behind.  And even sometimes root for.  She’s not CRAZY or even power hungry.  As long as her own interests are served she could care less about whose in charge in Gotham.  This girl is in it for the money…and the Bat.

Until this weekend I had not had the chance to see this Catwoman on screen.  But thank god Christopher Nolan gets it.

Find more Catwoman stories at the Salt Lake City Public Library here.

Solomon Kane The Movie!?

Yesterday, to my surprise I came across a trailer for Solomon Kane the movie.  Solomon Kane is a puritan, hell bent on revenge and has many supernatural adventures as he tries to scourge the earth of evil.  Kane was originally created by Robert E. Howard of Conan fame.  I was first introduced to the infamous character earlier this year when I picked up Dark Horse’s, The Castle Of The Devil.  Written by Scott Allie, art by Mario Guevara, and the cover by Mike Mignola.  Yes, it was the Mike Mignola cover that caught my eye;)

The trailer looks awesome.  It’s also been sitting on the shelf, waiting to be released in the U.S. since 2009 (it was released in Europe 2009-2010).  That doesn’t necessarily mean its bad.  The Cabin In The Woods had the same problem and it turned out to be one of the most exciting horror films released this year.  Solomon Kane received a 82% rating on Rotten Tomatoes upon it’s U.K. release.  What do you think?  Does it look promising or do you think it will go the way of Jonah Hex?

Go ahead!  Watch the trailer below!  Also, The Castle Of The Devil and other Solomon Kane adventures are available for check-out!