American Vampire

I’ve had a love hate relationship with vampires ever since I was little.  When I was a kid I always dressed up like a werewolf on Halloween, cause werewolves were so much cooler.  When I was in my teens, I LOVED Anne Rice and The Vampire Chronicles but HATED the movie adaptation of Interview With A Vampire.  Yes, I personally think Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt suck (no pun intended) and ruined what could have been a good movie!  Then came along Twilight and I thought gag me with a spoon!  In 2010, Rachel Getts (comic guru to the stars) recommended I read American Vampire Volume 1.  I reluctantly checked it out, read it…and was floored from page one!  Whaaat??? Thank you, Scott Snyder, Steven King and Rafael Albuquerque!  Vampires don’t all suck (no pun intended)!

Volume 1 & 2 are available for check-out!



Batman: The Black Mirror

The Black Mirror is good…really good.  Scott Snyder author of American Vampire, writes Batman on par with Grant Morrison and Frank Miller.  Dare I say, he might even give them a run for their money?  And thats just the writing.  The art by Jock and Francesco Francavilla is first class!

The Black Mirror takes place after the disappearance of Bruce Wayne (Batman R.I.P.), in which Richard “Dick” Grayson aka Robin aka Nightwing, takes up the cape and cowl to protect Gotham City.  Its dark, brutal, and the villains are psychotic!  Expect a different kind of Batman.  One that smiles instead of sneers.  One that flies above the streets of Gotham instead of hiding in its shadows.  But one thats still kicks a$$!

Available for check-out!