Cthulhu dreams in R’lyeh: Neonomicon by Alan Moore

Alan Moore's Neonomicon

Alan Moore‘s, Bram Stoker Award winning graphic novel, Neonomicon is a mind-blowing, shocking addition to H.P. Lovecraft inspired / Cthulhu mythos fiction.  Illustrated by Jacen Burrows, who’s art you might recognize from the frightening series, Crossed (another very SERIOUS horror comic).  If your an Alan Moore fan or H.P. Lovecraft fan you have no choice but to pick this up.

Neonomicon was adapted from Moore‘s previous Lovecraftian short story, The Courtyard (which is collected in this graphic novel).  Unlike other fictions inspired by the old gods, Moore modernizes the genre, adding critique to the controversial unspoken elements of racism and sex.  Neonomicon is one of Alan Moore‘s darkest works to date and has already created quite a stir, inciting some libraries to ban the book.  So get it while it’s hot!

Warning:  Neonomicon puts the M in mature and the E in explicit.  Not only is it not for kids, but do not…I repeat DO NOT eat Chinese food while reading this book.  Mid-way through the book I just about lost my lo mein noodles.  It was that awesome!

Jacen Burrows!  You owe me lunch!  *shaking fist*



Must Reads: Xombi Vol. 2


Slow Clap.

I tend to pick up a series after its been compiled into a graphic novel or when the Library adds them to it’s massive collection.  The up-side, it’s free.  The downside, I chance missing out on a really great series.  In this case, the series was John Rozum‘s Xombi.  In almost 30 years of reading comics, I can honestly say Xombi is one of the most uniquely bizarre, pleasurable reading experiences I’ve had in comics.  Xombi is up there with the weirdest of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison!

Puns, nuns with guns, killer snow angels, secret cults, a floating magical skull fortress, religious superheros, talking coins…ahhhaha my mind!  Join David Kim, Nun of the Above, Nun the Less and Catholic Girl,on an epic horror adventure!

Available for check-out!


2 Days Till Halloween: The Sixth Gun

I love a good horror western and The Sixth Gun is top notch.  There are six supernatural guns and Rebecca Moncrief inherits one of them from her father that at one time belonged to dead – recently resurrected General Oleander Hume.  The gun allows the owner to see into the past and the future.  The General and his “four horseman” will do anything to get it back including raining blood hell on earth!  Only the gunslinger Drake Sinclair stands in their way…

Available for check-out!  Make sure to watch the trailer below…


3 Days Till Halloween: The House Of Mystery

Bethany “Fig” Keele escapes from her burning house and a pair of threatening entities only to find herself in Cain’s (Cain from Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman) missing house, the House Of Mystery.  A place where, when one enters one cannot leave.  Luckily for Fig there’s a full bar and you can pay for your tab by telling a scary story.  Written by Bill Willingham (Fables) and Matthew Sturges (Jack Of Fables) with some of the greatest story tellers and illustrators in comics.

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5 Days Till Halloween: Fell

Fell has to be one of the greatest comics I have EVER read in my entire life!  And I really mean that.  Written by Warren Ellis, the story is gritty and Ben Templesmith‘s signature hazy scratchy illustrating style adds a level of depth to the book that makes it extremely disturbing.  I swear somewhere in hell the Devil has Fell sitting on his bookshelf with the pages worn from continuous readings!

Homicide detective Richard Fell is transferred across the bridge to “feral city” Snowtown, a cold dangerous crime ridden slum-hole.  Serial killers, child molesters and protective magic is just another part of life in the city.  Why did Richard Fell get transferred to Snowtown?  Where is Snowtown, really?  Most importantly, who is that creepy Nixon mask wearing nun, eating an ice cream cone?

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6 Days Till Halloween: Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah

Jenny Finn was born like a pearl from the guts of a monster from the sea.  Now, only death and disfigurement follow in her wake.  Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah is a Lovecraftian Victorian-era tale of horror by comic greats Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Troy Nixey (director of Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark) and Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War).  Need I say more?

Available for check-out!  DOOM…DOOM…DOOM…