5 Days Till Halloween: Fell

Fell has to be one of the greatest comics I have EVER read in my entire life!  And I really mean that.  Written by Warren Ellis, the story is gritty and Ben Templesmith‘s signature hazy scratchy illustrating style adds a level of depth to the book that makes it extremely disturbing.  I swear somewhere in hell the Devil has Fell sitting on his bookshelf with the pages worn from continuous readings!

Homicide detective Richard Fell is transferred across the bridge to “feral city” Snowtown, a cold dangerous crime ridden slum-hole.  Serial killers, child molesters and protective magic is just another part of life in the city.  Why did Richard Fell get transferred to Snowtown?  Where is Snowtown, really?  Most importantly, who is that creepy Nixon mask wearing nun, eating an ice cream cone?

Available for check-out!



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