Alt Press Fest 2012 Returns

For most of us Alt Press Fest 2012 is now buried in the past, however every once in a while something comes back to remind us.  In fact it reminds me of this song.

Anyway, Heather House wrote up this delightful blog entry about her experience back in July.  Check it out here.

Thanks so much.  We are very happy that you had such a great time.

And feel free to relive Alt Press Fest 2012 by visiting our Alt Press Fest tag.


Zine Events Galore! And Alt Press Fest 2012!

Zine World has a fantastic and comprehensive calendar of zine conferences and events.  I wish that I could attend all of them! I can guarantee that I’ll be at least one of them tho.  Note the Alt Press Fest mention at the top of the list.  Thanks Zine World!

Check it out here.

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