Black Fire

It is the dead of winter, Napoleon’s army is retreating after a failed campaign against the Russians. Two French soldiers end up isolated and trapped in a ancient Slavic town and must escape…before their souls are devoured by Czernobog, the Russian god of death, fire and darkness!

Hernan Rodriquez‘s Black Fire is a historical horror story reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft and Hellraiser!  I stumbled on to this graphic novel while browsing the Library’s collection, and I was not disappointed.  The raw, dark illustrations help capture the intensity of the story and create an atmosphere of fear and urgency.  The bitter Russian winter winds emanate off the paper and blood pools where your fingertips have touched the page…

Get your late summer / early fall horror read on!  Black Fire is available for check-out!




Have you heard of INK? These guys are cool.

Here’s a description from their website

INK SLCC is an AIGA student group that strives to help members get off on the right foot in their design and art careers. We encourage creative and professional growth by providing access to information, resources, advice, critiques, portfolio reviews, activities and an environment to create genuine connections with other visual art students and creative professionals. As the official AIGA student group at SLCC, we are also your direct link to the information and events available to AIGA members.

You can see their work at galleries and art events such as Gallery Stroll, Salt Lake Design Week, and other AIGA events.

Check out their site here.

Read It Again: The Maxx

“Within a comic Field where signals seem increasingly repetitive and scrambled, the sheer individuality of Kieth’s performance lends his work almost a beacon clarity…He appears to have a direct line connecting him with the forgotten, nearly sunken world of childhood and the otherness of its peculiar reality.”  – Alan Moore

Back in the 90’s, after the “X-odus” at Marvel, Image Comics formed and completely changed the business.  Through Image Comics, creators would finally own all rights to their work, including creative and financial power.  This new collaboration between company and creator led to some of the most exciting titles ever!  Spawn, The Savage Dragon, Youngblood, WildC.A.T.s, Pitt, and The Maxx, just to name a few!

The first time I saw a poster of The Maxx #1 hanging on the wall of my neighborhood comic store, my jaw dropped and all I could mutter was “COOL!”  Sam Keith has this really distinctive style of drawing and writing that just blows your mind.  For example, look at the cover Keith created for Marvel Comics PresentsWolverine is looking very Maxx-ish;)

Maxx exists in two worlds, in one world he is a homeless bum, and in the other a great warrior of the outback.  In both worlds he must protect Julie, a freelance social worker against his arch-nemesis, Mr. Gone!  It sounds simple, but The Maxx is anything but simple!  It’s probably one of the most bizarre comics ever!

Do yourself a favor and giveThe Maxx a read.  Volume 1-6, is available for check-out!  Also here is a link to the The Maxx TV Series which aired on MTV.


From The Vault #4: Hawkeye #1 Limited Series

Periodically I pull a comic from my personal collection and share it here.  So you, dear reader can enjoy the classics from cover to cover, old ads included!

You might have wondered, why was Hawkeye, out of all Marvel superheroes, in the Avengers?  Have any of you ever read a little graphic novel titled Old Man Logan?  If your answer is yes, congratulations.  If the answer is no, then get your butt over to the Library and check it out, NOW!  Hawkeye is a bad a$$ with a bad attitude just waiting for the wrong person to cross his path.  This month (late I know) I give you Hawkeye #1, the first of a 4 part limited series.


Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

Marjane Satrapi, author/illustrator of Persepolis, has a new brilliant film adaptation of her graphic novel Chicken With Plumbs. With an amazing cast transcending the original’s pages, you have a chance to experience the source. Before it’s release visit your local independent bookseller or you can check it out here.