Read It Again: The Maxx

“Within a comic Field where signals seem increasingly repetitive and scrambled, the sheer individuality of Kieth’s performance lends his work almost a beacon clarity…He appears to have a direct line connecting him with the forgotten, nearly sunken world of childhood and the otherness of its peculiar reality.”  – Alan Moore

Back in the 90’s, after the “X-odus” at Marvel, Image Comics formed and completely changed the business.  Through Image Comics, creators would finally own all rights to their work, including creative and financial power.  This new collaboration between company and creator led to some of the most exciting titles ever!  Spawn, The Savage Dragon, Youngblood, WildC.A.T.s, Pitt, and The Maxx, just to name a few!

The first time I saw a poster of The Maxx #1 hanging on the wall of my neighborhood comic store, my jaw dropped and all I could mutter was “COOL!”  Sam Keith has this really distinctive style of drawing and writing that just blows your mind.  For example, look at the cover Keith created for Marvel Comics PresentsWolverine is looking very Maxx-ish;)

Maxx exists in two worlds, in one world he is a homeless bum, and in the other a great warrior of the outback.  In both worlds he must protect Julie, a freelance social worker against his arch-nemesis, Mr. Gone!  It sounds simple, but The Maxx is anything but simple!  It’s probably one of the most bizarre comics ever!

Do yourself a favor and giveThe Maxx a read.  Volume 1-6, is available for check-out!  Also here is a link to the The Maxx TV Series which aired on MTV.



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