Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Glinting Gems

We love the Glinting Gems and so will you!  The Glinting Gems have been around since 2005 and are no stranger to corrupting innocent young souls and bringing them to the dark side of the dance floor.  Try not shaking your rump to this video!

Impossible right?!?  Thats what you call Rock N’ Roll, kids!  Catch them live at APF 2012!




Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Salt Lake City Piano Bike

When I think of great local buskers, one the first to come to mind is SLC Piano Bike.  Piano Bike consists of two very talented local musicians, composer / self taught pianist Eric Rich and classical pianist Corbin Baldwin.  Besides playing at this years APF, you can find them performing every week at the Farmers Market and at other festivals around town.

For or more info on Piano Bike and on where you can watch them perform, check out their official Facebook page and blog.