Jess Smart Smiley IS the Rumpus on the Run


Local comic artist, zinester, and all around groovy guy Jess Smart Smiley is at it again! Above is Jess’ video for his exciting new Kickstarter project: Rumpus on the Run a Monster Look ‘n’ Find Book.

You may have already seen Jess’ work at our annual SLCPL Alt Press Fest this past July, or at one of our many zine workshops held throughout the year. If you aren’t familiar with his work be prepared for whimsical imagery in the form of the fantastic and supernatural with a generous dash of late 20th century pop culture nostalgia. How could you resist THAT!?!

Check him out today!

Bonnie Kaye


APF2012 Retrospective

(Photo by Casey L. Kim)

Okay, I swear I’ll move on from Alt Press Fest 2012 soon…But I can’t help but point you towards this lovely post from our wonderful friend Jess Smiley.  Check it out here.