Greetings from Japan!

I Really ZIne-k So

If you’re following us on Facebook (and you really, really should be–just search for “Alt Press”), then you’ve glimpsed the inter-cultural amazingness currently displayed on Level 2 at the Main Library.

We’re talking about zines from Japan!

In a first-ever international outreach experiment, we shipped off some of our precious zine collection (via good old snail mail) to Kanda University of International Studies, about an hour east of Tokyo, Japan.

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Free Paper

Next time you’re in Tokyo don’t miss Only Free Paper, a mini shop devoted entirely to zines! In Japan zines are refered to as “free paper” and the zine culture there is just as vibrant and creative as the country itself!

-Bonnie Kaye


So a while ago I was really thinking the SLCPL Zine and Alt Press Collection was in need of one of these:


I mean, I sure know I would use it, but then I found THIS:


A coin operated mini zine dispenser!?! YES PLEASE

I’ll be saving my quarters untill then.

-Bonnie Kaye