Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight : Evan Jed Memmott

This guy cracks us up.  From his own self-written bio:

“Evan Jed Memmott is a beehive state native who loves avocados, Brigham
Young’s beard, and laughing at his own jokes. From his first birthday,
which he spent finger painting with chocolate pudding, to his recent
graduation from the Printmaking program at the University of Utah, art
has played a big role in his life. He’s currently focusing on screen
printing and ink illustration. His art can be found here.”

Come and see his cool work at APF2012!


Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Friends Make Prints

Friends Make Prints is a local printmaking shop, owned and operated by Nic Annette Miller since 2009.  All of FMP’s creations are really unique, especially their woodcut sculptor prints!  If you’ve missed them at Craft Sabbath or any of FMP’s gallery showings then make sure you make it out to APF 2012!

Visit FMP’s Facebook and website for more info.

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