5 Wolverine Books You Should Read

Really what else needs to be said.
With a new film centered around his famous journey to Japan, we’ve got 5 other recommendations (some classic, some new) if you’d like to read more about this mutant Canuck.

Interested in reading Wolverine’s saga chronologically? Here’s a great article that can get you started on that daunting task.
Collecting Wolverine

5 Wolverine Books You Should Read

Weapon X by Barry Windsor-SmithWolverine Back in Japan by Jason Aaron
Wolverine Get Mystique by Jason AaronWolverine by Chris Claremont & Frank MillerWolverine Origin by Paul Jenkins

BTW these are available at the SLCPL, along with many more, in the graphic novel section under Graphic Novel Wolverine & Graphic Novel X-Men.

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