Are you a Utah bookmaker? Exhibit opportunity!

The University of Utah Book Arts Program is currently taking entries from professional, amateur and student artists for their 2012 CounterForm Exhibition!

Check out the entry form below or visit their website

Questions can be directed to Mary Toscano at


Read This: Strangers in Paradise

Continuing with our LGBT coverage this week, I wanted to recommend a personal fave.

Strangers in Paradise centers around a love triangle between David, Katchoo, and Francine it spans over 90 issues.  This series, written and drawn by Terry Moore, includes action, romance, and drama.  However what captured me is the complex, realistic characters.  Katchoo is one of my favorite characters in modern comics from the first moment she literally guns down an alarm clock.  I have no idea why this hasn’t been adapted into a television series, because it would be perfect.

Unfortunately the SLCPL is a little spotty in it’s holdings of this series but you can start off the series here.

100 Posts! By Golly!

Yep just a quick post here to commemorate the fact that we have passed our 100th post on this little word press blog.  Thank you so much to all of you who have “liked” “shared” and “followed” us over the last 3 months.

We appreciate it immensely and hope to be around for 100 more posts.

-Social Media/Website Team, GNZAP, SLCPL

Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Friends Make Prints

Friends Make Prints is a local printmaking shop, owned and operated by Nic Annette Miller since 2009.  All of FMP’s creations are really unique, especially their woodcut sculptor prints!  If you’ve missed them at Craft Sabbath or any of FMP’s gallery showings then make sure you make it out to APF 2012!

Visit FMP’s Facebook and website for more info.

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Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Glinting Gems

We love the Glinting Gems and so will you!  The Glinting Gems have been around since 2005 and are no stranger to corrupting innocent young souls and bringing them to the dark side of the dance floor.  Try not shaking your rump to this video!

Impossible right?!?  Thats what you call Rock N’ Roll, kids!  Catch them live at APF 2012!



From The Vault #2: X-Force

Periodically I pull a comic from my personal collection and share it here.  So you, dear reader can enjoy the classics from cover to cover, old ads included!

Who’s that on the cover of X-Force #1?  Oh just some guy named CableX-Force was first conceived by Rob Liefeld back in 1991.  Liefeld wanted to create a team that was willing to do things the X-men wouldn’t…Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, kind of like that Daft Punk song.  The earlier issues, also had some major appearances by everyone’s favorite funny guy Deadpool (I have his first issue somewhere).

Enjoy the second installment of From The Vault!

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The Book Of Boy Trouble: Gay Boy Comics With A New Attitude

Here is another recommendation as Alt Press counts down to this years Pride celebration!  When I think of GLBT comics, the first zine and graphic novel to come to mind is The Book Of Boy Trouble.  Vol.  1 compiles the best comics from the zine’s first 10 years.  You’ll read this from cover to cover with out putting it down and then you’ll read it again…it’s that good.  Warning:  Contains mature themes.

Go ahead and check it out!