From The Vault #2: X-Force

Periodically I pull a comic from my personal collection and share it here.  So you, dear reader can enjoy the classics from cover to cover, old ads included!

Who’s that on the cover of X-Force #1?  Oh just some guy named CableX-Force was first conceived by Rob Liefeld back in 1991.  Liefeld wanted to create a team that was willing to do things the X-men wouldn’t…Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, kind of like that Daft Punk song.  The earlier issues, also had some major appearances by everyone’s favorite funny guy Deadpool (I have his first issue somewhere).

Enjoy the second installment of From The Vault!

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3 thoughts on “From The Vault #2: X-Force

  1. Team 7 really reminds me of the Extreme comics Liefeld used to publish in the 90s (Bloodstrike, Brigade, Youngblood and so on): both in them and in Team 7 there is a group of anti – heroes being all full of muscles, weapons and pouches. Also, Team 7 members fight their enemies in a room having high ceilings and walls made with blue metal, exactly like in those 90s comics.
    Someone compared Liefeld with Jack Kirby: What do you think about it?

    • I don’t know if I’d compare Liefeld with Kirby. They’re both very important to the comic universe, regardless Liefeld helped define what I loved about superhero comics. The New Mutants and X-Force were kind of like the reject superheros of Marvel, but Liefeld made them so much more then that. These characters were outcasts and had major flaws. Liefeld took this and made them even more badass (and violent) then the X-Men! Or at least that’s my opinion. If I had to guess, I’d say everything Liefeld did for Extreme was heavily influenced on his work with the New Mutants and X-Force. Also a lot of people hate on him for how he draws his characters anatomy, but I think this is ridiculous. These are imaginary superheros with superpowers for @#$% sake!
      Thanks for reading and responding to the post! Hope you enjoyed it:)

      • I did! I enjoyed your reply as well, because outcasts, outsiders and underdogs have always been more attractive than iconic characters like Superman to me.

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