December Local Zine Spotlight: Read Me

Read Me

She was one of our own, but now she has moved on to greener pastures.  So for the  month of December we are spotlighting this delightful zine from Sarah Custen.  It was created as a holiday gift but also chronicles her life and travails.  You can also read more from Sarah over at her blog Little Sarah Big World.  She also plays music in public from time to time.

This zine along with many other zines can be found and checked out in the Zine Collection at the Main Library.


Local Zine Spotlight: A Thousand False Starts

Every month we pick a local zine from our collection to shine some light on.  All zines spotlighted can be found in the SLCPL Zine Collection at the Main Library.

For the month of October we are spotlighting A Thousand False Starts by Robin Banks.  This zine is a comic journal documenting events like getting kicked out of a gas station for not spending money, getting hassled by “the pigs” for ghost riding a gift bike, and the little things that make the author happy.


August Local Zine Spotlight: Fruit Pizza

For our August Local Zine Spotlight we chose this self described “ecclectic compilation of art, literature, science, political satire, and other random bits of interest” from co-creators Amy and Lisa Lindsay.  Created in 2008 it is a charming mixture for the end of summer.

This zine, along with many others, can be found in the Zine Collection at the Salt Lake City Public Library.

Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight : Evan Jed Memmott

This guy cracks us up.  From his own self-written bio:

“Evan Jed Memmott is a beehive state native who loves avocados, Brigham
Young’s beard, and laughing at his own jokes. From his first birthday,
which he spent finger painting with chocolate pudding, to his recent
graduation from the Printmaking program at the University of Utah, art
has played a big role in his life. He’s currently focusing on screen
printing and ink illustration. His art can be found here.”

Come and see his cool work at APF2012!

Alt Press Fest 2012 Spotlight: Patrick Weeks

Patrick Weeks is an artist in Salt Lake City who draws lines at once familiar and perplexing. Somewhere between forest branches & capillaries. An impossible geometry of space rendered two-dimensional causing the eye to conjure a face unknown but showing a real feeling.

Available at SLAPF: Illustrations, Postcards, Chapbooks, Hand Stencil/Stitch T-shirts, Zines & more!

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