Must Reads: Xombi Vol. 2


Slow Clap.

I tend to pick up a series after its been compiled into a graphic novel or when the Library adds them to it’s massive collection.  The up-side, it’s free.  The downside, I chance missing out on a really great series.  In this case, the series was John Rozum‘s Xombi.  In almost 30 years of reading comics, I can honestly say Xombi is one of the most uniquely bizarre, pleasurable reading experiences I’ve had in comics.  Xombi is up there with the weirdest of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison!

Puns, nuns with guns, killer snow angels, secret cults, a floating magical skull fortress, religious superheros, talking coins…ahhhaha my mind!  Join David Kim, Nun of the Above, Nun the Less and Catholic Girl,on an epic horror adventure!

Available for check-out!



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