American Vampire

I’ve had a love hate relationship with vampires ever since I was little.  When I was a kid I always dressed up like a werewolf on Halloween, cause werewolves were so much cooler.  When I was in my teens, I LOVED Anne Rice and The Vampire Chronicles but HATED the movie adaptation of Interview With A Vampire.  Yes, I personally think Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt suck (no pun intended) and ruined what could have been a good movie!  Then came along Twilight and I thought gag me with a spoon!  In 2010, Rachel Getts (comic guru to the stars) recommended I read American Vampire Volume 1.  I reluctantly checked it out, read it…and was floored from page one!  Whaaat??? Thank you, Scott Snyder, Steven King and Rafael Albuquerque!  Vampires don’t all suck (no pun intended)!

Volume 1 & 2 are available for check-out!



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