Top 5 Romance Graphic Novels and Comics That End Happily (At least for the Moment)

It rarely happens, but here’s some titles that give us warm fuzzies.

RocketeerFablesSpider-Man Loves Mary JaneLeague of extraordinary gentlemenstrangers-in-paradise

Strangers In Paradise-Francine and Katchoo Forever! SO Excited that Terry Moore is bringing back this ground breaking series sometime in 2013.  (Ed. Note: Sadly not currently available at the SLCPL.  But it should be, well worth acquiring.)

Fables-Snow and Bigby are the bomb! Watch how opposites attract and the backbone couple of this series emerges.

Spider-man Loves Mary Jane-This series takes the Spider-man origin stories and plays them from the POV of Mary Jane Watson.  It’s fun PG comics that anyone can read.  (Ed. Note: Sadly the SLCPL only has two vol. of this series, but since each volume is a one-and-down self-contained story, it really doesn’t matter. Again this is available cheap and well worth it.)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-Alan Moore won’t ever admit it, but I genuinely think that he meant this to be a romantic comedy.  The banter between Miss Mina Murray and Allan Quartermain is magic.

The Rocketeer-Cliff Secord and his girlfriend Betty are such a wonderful homage of classic 30s serial characters.  It’s shocking to discover that they are Dave Stevens original creations.

Most of these are available at the SLCPL for check out.  Happy Valentines Day!


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