Man of Steel

After seeing the new trailer for Man of Steel for the umpteenth time, I am convinced that next year will be a banner year for the Man of Steel.  A little background: I am a major Supes fan.  I know it’s not as cool as Batman.  I know that Superman is a boring boy scout.  I still don’t care.  The first comic book superhero movie I ever saw was Superman: The Movie.  Christopher Reeve and director Richard Donner made me believe that a man could fly.  It still does.  It’s still my favorite superhero movie even with all those Avengers, Batman’s, and that Peter Parker guy, running around in movies these days.

In the last few years it has been a ridiculous tragedy that Warner Bros.  cannot figure out how to make these DC superheroes as great as they are on the page.  Except for Batman, they just can’t seem to pull it together.  Well I certainly hope that this is it.  Because I want kids today to experience what I did when I first saw Christopher Reeve catch that helicopter.

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t already seen it. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Man of Steel

  1. True dat! The original Superman is probably the greatest superhero movie of all time. I also have a soft spot for Supergirl the movie…yes it got terrible reviews, but to a young kid that movie was magical lol….

  2. Just as I expected, Mand of Steel obviously follows the path of Nolan’s movies: in every single frame of that trailer, Superman is frowning or angry or showing some other attitudes typical of dark characters. Basically, he’s the Dark Knight with a S on the chest. Which is wrong, because, as far as I know from my limited experience with him, he’s never been that way in his comics. This characterization is not faithful to the spirit of the character. But maybe I’m talking too soon, and I must consider that the New 52 Superman is a little more broody and darker than he used to be.
    Another detail that disappointed me: the movie seems to focus on his pre – Superman life for a very long time. I understand they have to show his background, but that must be done more fastly, because comic book readers go watching superhero movies TO SEE A SUPERHERO MOVIE. If they wanted a family drama, they would have stayed home, watching the Cosby Show.
    Anyway, I think I’ll watch Man of Steel. Do you know why? Because handcuffing Superman is a great stage trick. Even in this case Man of Steel copied from Nolan’s trilogy (Batman wasn’t on good terms with the police too, if my memory does not fail me), but this detail intrigued me so much that I’m already craving for Man of Steel. This proves that the trailer hit the mark.

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