Comic Re-Read: Astro City

Recently coming home from a trip I took the opportunity to re-read Astro City written by Kurt Busiek.  This is an original series, but the characters are clearly steeped in those comic archetypes that we all know and love.  It’s so apparent that Good Samiritan is based on Superman; Winged Victory a more feminist Wonder Woman.  These are not simply retreads though.  Each issue demonstrates a spin on these characters that brings a more human aspect to their existence.  Rather than go the Frank Miller route, Busiek chooses keep the series relatively light and hopeful.  This is also helped by the wonderful art of Alex Ross and Brent Anderson.  Personally, I like Ross’s use of poses and iconography to indicate the statuesque awe which these heroes are granted by the non-powered residents of the city that they protect.  I highly recommend checking this series out.

It is available for checkout at the SLCPL here.

Also check out other works by Kurt Busiek here.

Check out more of the work of Alex Ross here.


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