From The Vault #5: Deathlok Special #1

Periodically I pull a comic from my personal collection and share it here.  So you, dear reader can enjoy the classics from cover to cover, old ads included!

It must come as no surprise but I LOOOVE a good B-list superhero.  Rocket Raccoon, The Impossible Man, Ghost RiderDeathlok!  In my humble opinion Uncanny X-Force and Guardians Of The Galaxy are the two best superhero teams in comics right now.  No wonder, both teams are chuck full of awesome B-list superheros!  If you haven’t had a chance give them a read, especially Uncanny X-Force where this months superhero Deathlok makes more than an appearance!

In this first issue of a four part limited series, Michael Collins has a very bad day when he’s shot with a sedative and his brain is transplanted into the head of the cyborg Deathlok and used as a deadly weapon for evil Roxxon Oil!



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