Comics to Read: Daredevil #17

Not a big Daredevil reader? Neither was I.

I remember hearing everyone talk about how Daredevil was a badass and dark comic book character.  His best runs were written by favorite writers of mine such as Frank Miller, Bendis, and Brubaker.

So I picked it up and read it until Brubaker’s run ended.  And then swiftly dropped the book because Shadowland was lame.  However lucky for me (and really us all) a savior sat in the wings.  His name was Mark Waid.

Waid’s relaunch last year was a wonderful breath of fresh fun air for a titled that had stagnated under the weight of it’s own heaviness. Daredevil became FUN.  He smiled. He made jokes. He kissed the girl and saved the day.  It was delightful.

Also one of the things that Waid brought back was the concept of the flashback one-and-done single issue story.  These kind of stories used to be a regular occurrence back in the day.  It meant reader’s didn’t have to worry about continuity, or have read the previous issues.  You could pick it up randomly and enjoy a simple 20 page story.

Which brings me to Daredevil #17.  This single issue exemplifies everything that is making Waid’s run one to remember and check out.  If anyone was going to fill in for Marcos Martin beautifully it is Mike Allred.  His work on this issue is stellar.  I suggest checking out his other work here.

So even if you could care less about Daredevil.  I highly suggest grabbing this issue and giving it a try.  You won’t be sorry.

Find more Daredevil here.

Also more Mark Waid here.


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