The New York Five

Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly have the “golden touch.”  King Midas would be sooo jealous!  Wood and Kelly have the ability to create great stories with strong female characters, which in my opinion the comic-verse needs more of.  The New York 5 is one of these, a story about 5 young woman trying to get by in the Big Apple.  Eat your heart out, Sex In The City!

The New York 5 takes place right where The New York 4 (ya fiction) left off, but it can be read as a stand alone comic.  If you like The New York 5, do yourself a favor and also check out my favorite Wood / Kelly collaboration, Local.  What’s Local?  Well, besides brilliant…Local is like getting 12 postcards from a friend traveling across the U.S., each postcard containing a story crazier then the last.

Available for check out!  Just click the links or pictures above.



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